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About (Knowledge Resource for Science and Technology Excellence, Malaysia) is an initiative by MOSTI and spearheaded by MASTIC to address science and technology issues and challenges faced by the community, the ministry and the country. is designed to be a Single Point Access Facilities (SPAF) providing intelligent collaborative knowledge management and learning services platform on Science and Technology and Innovation. enables:

  • Knowledge exchange in secure environment.
  • Context based search using semantic technology.
  • Content enrichment with content sources from local and international institution.
  • Informative decision making through state of the art of dashboard facilities.
  • Visual display of content by showing the relationships and big picture view of experts in various field of research

What is

Since April 2004, The Malaysian Science & Technology Information Center (MASTIC) of MOSTI has dedicated significant efforts to develop the richest possible Knowledge Resource for Excellence in Science and Technology. That has today, taken shape via The Portal. The Portal will serve as a Single Point of Access to the wealth of knowledge artifacts from various internal and external systems and sources. It will become the biggest reservoir of information on anything and everything to do with Research, Development & Commercialisation in the area of Science, technology and Innovation.

It's definitely the most comprehensive reference point for those seeking the most elusive of data and information, whether one's looking for general data about all the organisations and institutions involved in R&D, or specific, seemingly classified information about funds available for R&D, to even valuable breakthrough advice about accessible R&D Facilities (i.e. labs, specialised equipment etc.) as well as information on relevant personnel, researchers and experts, including their CVs. Such data have never been as easily accessible ever before and never from one site, as easily as now, ONLY with the the System


The Portal is aimed at overcoming the shortfalls relating to accessibility and sharing of information among agencies and organizations that has resulted in the creation of countless "islands" of information. Sadly, invaluable research-related information are residing in individual organisations who are not optimizing or sharing it and it is accessible ONLY to those within that organisation. The majority at large are seeking such information and are unaware of the existence of such information and spend "valuable months and years re-creating that which has already existed".

MASTIC, as the center for S&T information, aspires to prevent such redundancy by creating a central repository of all the national knowledge is a central part of MASTIC in its efforts to enhance its service delivery and ensure those seeking for data and knowledge have instant and unprecedented access to such information to propagate a quantum leap in the end results among those involved in STI and RD&C. It is the ardent desire of MASTIC to use to prevent wastage of funds, resources and time while simultaneously becoming the platform for Knowledge to be shared and benefited by all.

Who is it for?

We live in the Information Age. Information is power. It affects everything. Information can shape and destroy individuals and society and nations. It saves time, cost and helps mobilize valuable resources where and when they are needed. Such information can also drastically reduce wastage and redundancy.

Hence, the Portal will ultimately become the most sought after resource and information base for individuals and organizations ranging from Decision Makers and Policy Formators, to Research Officers, Educationists and Students as well as those in the Public and Private Sectors, Ministries and Industries. R4 Also Offers Much More...

The Portal has evolved from one phase to another. While constant upgradement and new advancements are on-going and being incorporated continuously, its present Version boasts of features like:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology - Incorporating intelligent solutions into the knowledge-based Portal by leveraging on Semantic Technology which is the cutting-edge platform in the area of knowledge technology
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities - Refinement of the search engine from keyword search to context-based search is yet another step towards boosting know;ledge discovery and accessibility
  • Advanced Security Features - Improving the security of the knoeledg-base system by incorporating advanced security modules to ensure knowledge exchange on the platform is done in a trusted environment. This boosts confidence among knowledge seekers and knowledge contributors
  • Local-Global Content - Enrichment of the contents via national and international collaboration
  • Easier Visualization - Enhancement and navigation of the content visualisation through multimodel representations
  • State-Of-The-Art Dashboards - Development of Interactive advanced dashboards to support decision making as well as making content discovery much easier with MRDCS as common vocabulary

The R3 Version of will make a major difference to those seeking instant invaluable information. These will include:

  • Policy Makers who need to make informed decisions based on strategic and reliable S&T Info
  • Those who need to do analysis on any area of information either on a broad scale to specific areas like tracking facilities or doing an audit trail to facilitate IP protection
  • Those who want to facilitate external forums from multiple source (e.g. On-line biology) enable networking, collaboration among knowledge workers
  • Repackaging of information for specific needs to reduce search-time for information and learning materials
  • Online streaming of information for real time info from source including Project Information such as details about a project, its title, description, source of funds, commencing date, targeted completion date, project lead & team members (which will then link to their respectives profiles), organisation name, project cost etc
  • R&D personnel information such as name, position, job history, organisation attached to, experiences, credentials, list of projects involved, previous papers written by this person, area of specialisation etc
  • Information concerning Funds - its ceiling, disbursement pattern over states, over organisations, over researchers, by fund types, by technology areas etc.
  • Data about Facilities - name of facility, description, location of the facility, person in charge of facility, contact details etc.
  • Context based research and easier access to Documents that reduce search-time and increase accuracy in searching for and fulfilling specific work needs - i.e. access to papers, reports, journals etc - based on titles, abstract, author(s), date published, publisher (if any) etc.
  • News and events related to STI and STI Indicators
  • Data concerning ICT Indicators etc.
  • Research Trends management of R&D at policy level by understanding performance patterns
  • Single Log On to multiple info sources will reduce search time and overcome the setbacks caused by multiple system log-ins
  • Availability of R&D Grid and secure information will promote effective and efficient networking and knowledge workers connectivity

All the contents in the Portal's knowledge database are classified according to the Malaysian Research and Development Classification System (MRDCS). This mode of classification enables all the data to relate to each other and can be easily made accessible to the user. Currently under the enrichment program of the R3, more than 70 local organizations (IHLs,GRIs and Private Ris) have been engaged to share their content with KRSTE. More than 40,000 new content have already been federated into the portal's knowledge-base.

How Will Benefit Goverment Groups has so much to offer the abovementioned Groups and Individuals. Certainly, top most on the list of beneficiaries are Government Groups, Decision Makers, Policy Formulators and Research Officers will find all the data that are made accessible via decisive in providing valuable input for analysis and for the formulation of strategic national policies. Besides these, it can also be used to track and analyze careers and mobility , check on-going research efforts, build upon previous research, and help reseachers complete their projects more successfully. Such access to local and indigenious research output and strategic indicators will help researchers optimize funding, align R&D output, support commercialisation and national development, and significantly enhance the economic analysis of potential technologies.

Effect Of On Educational Groups

Those involved in making decisions and formulating policies for Educational Groups will view as their greatest ally. It will provide them priceless data and input on how to seek funding to execute educational policies and how to formulate strategic direction for educational as well as R&D Programmes and Projects. The valuable input that is available in will enable them to formulate policies aligned with the national agenda. The enhanced knowledge sharing will result in the development of technopreneurs who will be able to utilize such data to enhance the final outcome of all their research projects.

Similarly, Students, Faculty Researchers, Teachers and Trainers will find the as a valuable resource for group discussions and to conduct forums. They can also gain crucial input to create new knowledge, inspire and pave the way for new inventions and innovations which will boost the outcome of their research projects. They will also know where to solicit funding for their Projects.

Obviously, the quality of decisions made and the overall end results of all those who patronise and those who don't can be significantly contrasted!

Interesting Influence Of On Industry Groups

Those in industry ar enot left out, they will also benefit most from That is because a huge expenditure, time and effort on R&D, will be saved. By analyzing previous, related R&D initiatives and outcomes, Industry experts will gather valuable input on what to avoid and where to channel their limited resources and how to align with exisiting resources to best save time while ensuring better end results.

Their Boardroom Analysis of lesson learned by others, will enable them to focus on where the new economic, technology and commercialisation opportunities are and how to access the funding to execute them, while safeguarding themselves, their Organizational IPs, and the new breakthroughs they intend to commercialize and market.

Thus will therefore promote the development of technical and scientific knowledge and skills which will pave the way for improved products and service development and innovations. The growth of multiple industry related knowledge bases will then further contribute to greater competitiveness in the local and global marketplace.

The Evolution Of

The Portal has been developed over numerous phases.

  • Phase 1, which covered theplatform setting was started in April 2004 and took 6 months to complete.
  • While Phase 2 & 3 ( R2) focused on the enhancement and expansion of the Portal's features and capabilities. It took off in March 2005 and was completed by December 2005.
  • After the foundations were laid, Phase 4 and 5 began covering the tedious and laborious task of enriching its content and enhancing its capabilities, in line with ST&I and RD&C's national strategies.
  • Since then and to date, the enhancement of the services, which has expanded into its Third Generation Version ( R3), has become the Main Focus. The evolution of the Portal from R2 to R3 is also in response to the need for a National R&D Databank.

It Keeps Getting Better...

In addition, will also host valuable information on R&D output - such as project papers, presentations, journals, reports, statistics etc. Those seeking crucial information about IP and patent registry will also be able to know beforehand if someone has pre-empted their R&D initiative and quest for IP. will also be a vital platform for collaboration and networking for those involved in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). It will become the gateway for all players in the RD&C to come together and interact, discuss, learn from each other as well as seeking professional advice from the most sought after gurus in the field, all on one platform.

The results are expected to be phenomenal. Finally, like-minded experts can compare notes, learn from each other and move closer to perfecting their RD&C efforts, effectively and cost-effectively by using the system as a boardroom for learning and unlearning, correcting and perfecting their journey towards achieving better end results!

A Breakthrough Of Invaluable Proportions

Hence, for the first time ever, measurement, benchmarking, trending and analysis of STI indicators, fund utilisation with breakdown over the country, over states and even over organisations for the all the different types of fund etc. can be done via what we termed as Dashboards. With Dashboard features, they provide high-level visibilaty to the health of national funds, projects and technology landscape.

Throughout the RD&C value chain - from Basic Research, Applied Research, Development toCommercialisation) - there are many players at each stage of the value-chain eg- researchers, lecturers, fund managers, industry etc. who have different questions that they need answers to.

The Portal will facilitate answers to all kinds of questions sought by a researcher, whether it be basic questions or even more complicated and technical ones, such as:

  • Is this technology area worth pursuing?
  • Has anyone done a similar project ?
  • Who or which organisation can I collaborate with?
  • What are possible source of funds?
  • What are the papers or journals written in this area which I can refer to etc.

The idea is to get new researchers on a better footing and more experienced ones to move many notches higher and closer towards their ultimate goals so that valuable time and resources are saved and the eventual achievement of the end result is significantly speeded up by the knowledge made available in knowledge database.

On another end , funders for example will also find an excellent reference point. They too can source relevant feedback and information before approving the allocation of funds by making sure that the proposed project has the potential of producing commecialisable IPs, seeking expert panelist will be made easy through are examples how the content rich is beneficial to this group of users. Such access to valuable information, can definitely allow the funder or any decision maker to make an informed decision.

It is obvious that will certainly help avoid redundancy and enhance the standard of excellence in executing RD&C initiatives, thereby resulting in a higher standard of outcomes in innovations. Fulfills Vision For A National R&D Data Bank will become the national resource centre for data, information and knowledge artifacts on R&D in S&T and become the most sought after gateway in local research output. It will significantly support and boost National R&D, education and industry development initiatives at all levels.

Naturally, the primary objective of avoiding the redundancy of "Reinventing of the Wheel" and wasting funds and time and thereby optimizing resources, will be achieved. On the sidelines, it will capture and put into permanent record all the tacit and explicit knowledge that is generated, so that should the information provider leave the workforce, the data remains preserved and accessible to all, thereafter.

By becoming the central database and magnet to draw and register all R&D output by local scientists, researchers and organizations, this Portal will act as a most powerful and comprehensive knowledge resource on research publications from both the public and private sector particularly from universities, research institutes and other RD&C and STI related organizations.

The Future Is Here!

In short, the Portal will become one of the most sought-after resource-rich platforms for all knowledge and information seekers. It will connect and network all those involved in Research, Development & Commercialisation (RD&C) and stretch to all those who seek to the advancement of knowledge. The availability of various Dashboards will facilitate systematic and easier benchmarking and measurement of indicators, while the constant on-going upgradement of its features and functionalities will keep enriching its knowledge-base and make the Portal.